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Rafting Adventure

Rafting or white water rafting is one type of sporting activity by navigating the river roping using inflated raft (boat rafting). This activity is one of the extreme and challenging sports. However, not a few also take advantage of these activities for refreshing and recreation with colleagues and family.
Oase Indonesia provides rafting packages across the river in Central Java from level II to level V. The rafting in Central Java is still divided into several levels, namely for beginners and tourists on the Elo River or the Upper Progo River in Magelang. While for the advanced and experienced level of rafting carried out in the Serayu, Wonosobo and Sungai Progo Bawah rivers, Magelang.
Elo River
Sungai Elo is a class II-III rapids that are quite challenging and fun with a duration of approximately 2.5 - 3 hours. Elo River is perfect for beginners.
Location Starting Point: Pare, Blondo, Mungkid, Magelang
Location Finish Point: Mendut Temple, Magelang
Sungai Progo Atas
The Progo Atas River has class III-IV rapids for about 2 hours
rafting. It is suitable for those of you who want to travel together
family because of the low level of danger.
Location Starting Point: Tuksongo-Cacaban-Magelang Housing
Location Finish Point: T bridges, Magelang
Serayu River
The 25 km long Serayu River presents class III-IV rapids for approximately 4.5-5 hours of rafting. Suitable for those of you who are adventurous.
Location Starting Point: Selomerto, Wonosobo
Location Finish Point: Sengomerto, Banjarnegara
Sungai Progo Bawah
River Progo Down presents a spectacular adventure with
Class III-V rapids for around 3.5-4 hours of rafting are perfect for those of you who are proficient and professional.
Location Starting Point: Klangon Bridge, DIY
Location Finish Point: Ndekso, Kulon Progo, DIY
For Your Information, there are 7 Benefits of Rafting ...
  1. Refreshing your mind and body
    Research says that being in a natural atmosphere such as rivers, trees, mountains and forests will make the body feel fresher and more calm mind. This is well applied especially for those of you who are busy with work everyday.
  2. Team Work Mastery
    Conquering the wild currents of the river to the finish line safely requires a strategy of cooperation, communication, leadership, and conflict management. Your team will also experience the meaning of team support, sacrifice, patience and excitement.
  3. Endorse Your Health
    When rafting you will paddle a lot, this will strengthen your hand and leg muscles more strongly. In addition, fresh river air is good for your heart health. Your physical endurance is well trained while crossing the river.
  4. Boost Self Esteem
    Maybe at first you are worried that you will hesitate to try rafting. When you are in the water, try your best and feel the excitement until it is finished, you will feel "yeah it turns out I can". The experience that you can conquer worries in your head is the best way to increase confidence, feeling proud, and confident.
  5. Family Bonding
    When rafting is the momentum to laugh with each other together and increase familiarity between team members and release them from the gadget for a while. You can tell stories along the river and work together as a family.
  6. Adrenalin Rush
    The adrenaline race makes you more excited, so that you are increasingly challenged to conquer the problems you face.
  7. Psychologycal Journey
    Watching people try to get up after falling still rowing even though tired and patient to finish will provide a psychological experience that enriches the soul to learn about perseverance, patience, endurance, cooperation, and other memorable experiences.